• Ad Hoc Coronavirus Task Force

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    Today, County Council created an Ad Hoc Task Force to discuss the current state of businesses and to recommend solutions for how to assist them during this time. Specifically, the group is charged with:
    1. Determining the state and condition of small businesses and non-profits located in Kershaw County
    2. Determining the impact and effect on local small businesses and non-profits of the recently passed Federal Stimulus program as well as the recently approved State of SC Emergency response
    3. Determine gaps in coverage that exist between the issues identified in Federal stimulus programs
    4. Research possible areas that can be addressed through local efforts
    5. Research the financial implications of any possible local efforts, determining where local funds, if any, would be derived and the impact such use of funds may have on various entities providing the funds
    6. Concluding and recommending back to Kershaw County Council possible responses from the various local Kershaw County entities
    I have been asked to sit on this task force and would appreciate any feedback or suggestions you would like to provide. Please leave a comment below or email me at akinard@kershawcountychamber.org to provide feedback. Together we can find ways to help.
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