• County approves financial support for businesses

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    Today Kershaw County Council approved $750,000 in grants to help small businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19. Businesses with 20 or fewer employees are eligible to apply for a grant of up to $7,500. A small group of local citizens will review applications and determine who and how much funding each applicant receives.

    You're probably wondering...how do I apply? Applications should be available online via the County and Chamber websites by Friday, April 24. Why the wait? The Chamber has been asked to act as the administrator of these funds. However, the Chamber board needs to approve this project, since the details of which were only identified today. In addition, there are some process logistics that need to be put into place before any applications can be taken.

    I am proud to continue, in this way, to support small businesses in our community. I would like to make a few things clear...
    1. Neither I nor the Chamber board asked to be the administrator of these funds. We also asked that I not be included in the review committee that would determine who and how much businesses receive. Therefore, the Chamber will be acting ON the decisions of the volunteer committee.
    2. The applicants will not receive preference based on whether or not they are Chamber members. As stated above, I (and no other Chamber representative) will sit on the committee that makes the decisions of which businesses to fund. Therefore, ALL small businesses that qualify will be considered regardless of their affiliation with the Chamber.
    I am thankful to our county government for offering these funds to local businesses and I look forward to sharing the details of the loan later this week. In the meantime, continue to follow our Facebook page, this blog, and our website for additional coronavirus information for businesses.

    Added 4/24/2020: Applications must be submitted online. Go to this link, review the guidelines, and click the Apply Now button for the application. If you are using a phone to access our website, click on the 3 lines/menu at the top; click the Small Business Stabilization Grant link and that takes you to the page with the Apply Now button.