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    Black River Electric Cooperative is excited to introduce our partnership in Co-op Connections.   Co-op Connections is a national membership program that provides incredible discounts and savings to over 30 million members. Black River Electric, along with Co-op Connections, is inviting all the local businesses in our community to join us.  The program is FREE to all businesses, all we ask is that you provide an attractive discount for our members.  We will advertise your business to get our members through your doors. We have a mobile app that geo-locates the discounts, so our members know the businesses to visit. 

    Here are some of the highlights of the program and how it benefits your business:
    ·         We advertise your business for FREE
    ·         Simply provide an attractive discount for our members
    ·         Offer multiple discounts
    ·         Limit discounts (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime)
    ·         Change offers at any time
    ·         Tracking and analytics are available

    To learn more about the program, follow this link:  www.connections.coop/323-landing and watch a short video.  From there, you can sign up your business to participate or request to learn more.

    Thank you for participating and allowing us to promote your business!
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