• Governor's Home/Work Order

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    As of 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7, Governor McMaster has ordered that all citizens stay at home, stay at work, and only travel to and from those locations, if necessary or to visit family, pick up essential supplies, receive medical care, etc. See section 1E of the order for details (link provided below). However, once again, the Governor has left the door open for retail establishments to continue to offer online and telephone order with pickup or delivery options, as long as they follow the appropriate precautions. Specifically, an excerpt from the order follows:
    “Subject to the emergency rules and restrictions set forth below, this Section does not prohibit the continued operation of retail stores, as set forth above, for the limited purpose of fulfilling online or telephone orders or providing alternate means of purchasing or delivering products or services—to include curbside purchase, pickup, or delivery and home or off-site delivery—provided that such options or measures can be implemented in a manner that facilitates and maintains effective “social distancing” and is consistent with any applicable guidance issued by state and federal public health and safety officials.”

    In fact, a portion of the order later reads,"businesses and organizations are also encouraged to utilize telecommuting or work-from-home options for employees and to provide alternate means of purchasing and delivering products and services, to include online or telephone orders and curbside or off-site deliveries, and individuals are encouraged to utilize such options to support businesses in this State during the ongoing public health emergency." (The underline for emphasis is mine.)

    My husband keeps telling me that I cannot save every business in Kershaw County, but I will do all I can, and encourage you as you're able, to help in this very difficult time. I look forward to celebrating our resilient businesses and people on the other side of this.

    To read the entire order, click HERE
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