• Misperceptions of Recent Governor's Order

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    Late yesterday afternoon, Governor McMaster announced that he had signed an executive order regarding the closing of non-essential businesses. Now every headline or online article I read says that Governor McMaster has closed all non-essential businesses as of 5 p.m. tonight (April 1, 2020). Unfortunately, this is very misleading. The Governor has not closed ALL non-essential businesses, but instead has closed SOME non-essential businesses. An excerpt of the order follows:
    "I hereby order and direct that effective Wednesday, April 1, 2020, at 5:00 p.m., the following "non-essential" businesses, venues, facilities, services and activities shall be closed to non-employees and shall not be open for access or use by the public..." The order goes on to list businesses that are entertainment venues and facilities, recreational and athletic facilities, and close-contact service providers (including but not limited to barbers, hair salons, nail salons, tattoo services and massage locations). To review the entire order, click HERE.

    The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, much like your local Chamber, has received a number of questions about this, and therefore, in an email from the state Chamber tonight, they shared some frequently asked questions which included the following:
    "I'm confused by what the press is reporting and the SCEMD alert sent yesterday, did the Governor's order require non-essential businesses to close or just those on the list? Only businesses on the list must close per the Governor's order. See the full list. Businesses are in three categories, "entertainment venues and facilities," "recreational and athletic facilities and activities," and "close-contact service providers."" This full list (linked above) is provided on the governor's website.

    The governor could change these requirements but at this time, this is the accurate information for businesses. Stay safe and call (803-432-2525) or email us if you have questions.
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