• Unemployment Guidance and Resources

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    Below is information that will assist you in mass filing for your employees' unemployment insurance or help your employees file themselves.

    Unemployment information for employers and contacts to assist in mass filing:
    • To view the Employer Filing Tutorial, click HERE
    • To view overall information and access the portal to mass file for employees, click HERE
    • To log in to file for employees, click HERE 
    • If you don't already have a SUITS (State Unemployment Insurance Tax System) account and you want to mass file, call the UI Tax phone number at 803-737-2400
    • Additional phone numbers: Employer Filing Unit 803-737-2532 and UI Hotline 866-831-1724
    Tips: Employers should make sure their mailing address is up-to-date on their account; employers should make sure that any payroll administrator working on your behalf is aware that you are filing for unemployment; and employers should check their online account regularly to help speed up the process.

    Unemployment information for employees and how to file a claim: 
    • To view video tutorials on how to complete the tasks below, click HERE
    • To learn how to create a username and password, click HERE
    • To learn how to register an account, click HERE
    • To learn how to file your initial unemployment claim, click HERE
    • To learn how to file weekly claims, click HERE
    NOTE: Employees still need to establish an account and confirm their status weekly, even if employers file.
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