• Upcoming Webinars for Business

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    I am receiving emails every day with lots of information for businesses and communities. It takes most of the day to sort through and try to find the information that is new and appropriate for you all. I have recently received a few emails about webinars that are scheduled for tomorrow and Friday, and I thought you might be interested in participating. They are:
    • CARES Act Tax Credit Webinar, Thursday, April 9, 2 p.m. Register HERE
    • COVID-19 Workplace Safety Online Session, Friday, April 10, 11 a.m., Register HERE
    • National Town Hall for Small Businesses, hosted by Inc., Friday, April 10 at 12 p.m., Register HERE
    • Understanding the New World Under the CARES Act - Latest Information and Updates, Friday, April 10, 3 p.m., Register HERE
    I also recommend that you follow Representative Ralph Norman on Facebook. His call yesterday was very informative, and he said that he would plan another call soon.

    Continue to check back here and at our business coronavirus website for daily updates with information important to businesses. If you have any questions, comment below or email me. Take care!
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