• Nature's View

  • Nature’s View is an experiential system that allows someone the opportunity to find their own personal balance (mental, physical and emotional). It allows you to find an alternative way of dealing with life situations, to view pressure in a different light and to embrace “mistakes” as learning opportunities. What is otherwise considered negative becomes positive. This system allows you to raise your pressure threshold, thereby become more energy efficient, thereby maximizing your potential. This allows you the opportunity to reduce stress, possibly allowing you to improve your health, thereby become more balanced. While working through the system, you are allowed the opportunity to become more aware of the environment, more in tune with nature, thereby the possibility of becoming more “green.”

    Bruce Anderson is the founder of the Nature’s View system and the co-owner of Nature’s View, Inc. He is a native of Trinidad and Tobago and currently resides in South Carolina. He has 40+ years of experience in training horses throughout the islands, England and the United States. He began developing Nature’s View in 1997, and has conducted workshops and training sessions using the system for 11 years. Julianne Neal is the co-owner of Nature’s View, Inc. and has been working with Nature’s View since 2002. She has been an educator for 20+ years and has written the curriculum for the Marley Project, as well as various articles and video scripts for Nature’s View.

    Nature’s View offers services to “horse people” for equine training, but also to groups and individuals who are not interested in the equine training information. Their second site, www.equusencounter.com, is geared toward those people, while their original site,www.naturesview1.org, is a more comprehensive look at their different services.

    A Unique Executive Experience

    In the heart of South Carolina horse country, a unique corporate training or executive retreat experience harnesses the secrets of a horse whisperer, the power of the "horse as a mirror," in a natural balanced greenspace environment.

    Bruce Anderson reluctantly acknowledges the term "horse whisperer" but has had a lifelong experience of working with horses, and most importantly, the human horse owners. In his years of working with "problem horses," Bruce discovered most commonly the real problem is with "problem owners." The same skills Bruce applies to transform a "troubled" horse into a Devon Horseshow Champion may also help businesses and other organizations excel.

    The Equus Experience is typically a one to three day customized immersion encounter designed to help businesses improve leadership, communication, problem solving, team building, and teamwork skills. Using individual and/or group experiences, with and without horses, leaders, managers, and staff can overcome mindset and behavioral obstacles to business success. 

    A horse is found in the natural environment in contrast to most workplaces. Working with horses allows humans to achieve better balance; mental with physical, natural green environment with artificial controlled environment, and the mindset of the tyrant with the mindset of the "alpha" or servant leader. The Equus Experience changes mindset and behavior through neurolinguistic-self-reprogramming. 

    The principles and practices of The Equus Experience allow executives, managers, and staff insight and opportunities for improvement in:

    • Directing/Leading Others

    • Connecting with Others

    • Trust

    • Confidence

    • Balance Work/Life/Environment/Mental/Physical

    • Self Awareness

    • Control Issues

    • Assertiveness

    • Anger Management

    • Decision Making

    • Responsibility

    • Ownership

    • Empathy

    • Accountability

    • Co-Active, Reactive/Proactive Behavior

    • Communication

    • Productivity

    All Equus Experiences are tailored to specific organizational needs and goals to benefit each client with the best return on investment possible, but whether you choose a half-day program or a week long encounter, an integral and unforgettable part of the Experience is "The Ring."

    In the Equus Experience, the "ring" is as real as it is a metaphor. It can be a boardroom, an office, a convention vendor display, a crime scene, a home or even a bedroom. The "ring" is what you make of it. The "horse" is a metaphor for infinite possibilities as well. The horse can be the VP of marketing, a sales prospect, a criminal, a teenager, a spouse. It can even be a personal memory.

    For more information regarding the Equus Executive Experience, and other training workships, please visit www.equusencounter.com, call (803) 713-8470, or emailnaturesview@aol.com.

    Located in Camden, South Carolina, an internationally recognized horse-training community and home to the National Steeplechase Museum, visitors find a rich historical and cultural heritage of horses and, of course, southern hospitality.