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Free Drug Card


Q. How do I use this card?
A. Take the card to the pharmacy with your prescription to be filled and when processed with your prescription, you will receive discounts on your prescriptions up to 50% on brand name drugs and up to 75% on generic drugs. Average discounts will average 30%.

Q. Will the free drug card help with my co-payments?
A. No, this card can only be used alone, not in conjunction with any other plan. However, it can be used if your plan does not cover the prescription you require.

Q. Can I use this card in conjunction with my insurance?
A. Yes and no. This card will not lower your insurance co-pay; however it can be used to cover non-formulary medications (medications not covered by your health plan).

Q. I have a Medicare Part D Plan can I use the card?
A. The card can be used to purchase medications at a discount for medications not covered on your Part D Plan.

Q. I need to find out if my medication is one of the drugs that you cover.
A. All medications are eligible for a discount through this program. The card has “Lowest Price Logic” – simply means that all members will receive the lowest price available on the medication purchased.

A. Please check the quantity that you entered when pricing your medication. You must enter the number of pills in the prescription to receive the correct pricing. If this does not fix the price difference, please have the pharmacy contact 1-877-321-6755.

Q. What pharmacy accepts this card?
A. Most major chains accept the card and thousands of independents as well. There are toll free numbers listed on card for member and pharmacy assistance.

Q. My pharmacy told me that I need to call and activate this card.
A. These cards are pre-activated and ready to use immediately. If the pharmacy has trouble with the card, please have them call 1-877-321-6755 and they can help.

Q. I tried to use my card at my pharmacy, and they told me that the Group number is not good.
A. Have the pharmacy call 1-877-321-6755 while you are there, and they can help them process your card.

Q. My pharmacy said they have never heard of this card.
A. If no one has previously presented the card at your pharmacy, they may not be familiar with it. They just need to enter the information into their system from your card and it will trigger the discounts.

Q. Why would the pharmacies participate in this program?
A. Health Insurance is a concern of many prescription medications is just one of the many expenses related to insurance. By helping to save money on prescriptions, your pharmacy earns a loyal customer.

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