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Membership Enhancements

With the pandemic, we have seen a significant increase in traffic to our website and we expect that this will continue as people spend more time online, searching for information and resources. Therefore, we have partnered with Chamber member,, to identify and offer new ways to market your business through the Chamber’s website. Details follow below.

Watch a recording of one of the webinars explaining these opportunities.

Marketing Levels:

Basic ListingBusiness name, address and phone number in 1 primary search categoryIncluded with membership
Multiple CategoriesBusiness displays on up to 3 search categories (same info as in Basic Listing) with the addition of the business logo


Enhanced Listing 1Includes all features of Multiple Categories above as well as placing the business listing at the top of the listing in 1 search category

(or $13/mo)

Enhanced Listing 2Includes all features of Enhanced Listing 1 above as well as placement of the business listing at the top of up to 3 search categories

(or $26/mo)

Banner Ads 1Includes all features of Enhanced Listing 2 above as well as places the business’ banner ad in 1 primary search category

(or $43/mo)

Banner Ads 2Includes all features from Enhanced Listing 2 as well as the placement of business’ banner ads in up to 5 search categories

(or $85/mo)

Platinum SponsorIncludes all features from Banner Ads 2 as well as banner placement on the main page (rotating) and up to 4 additional pages

(or $126/mo)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Executive Director, Amy Kinard or CEO of, Tom Sliker.

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