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Quaker Cemetery

Early Quaker settlers established themselves about the site of Camden, first known as Pine Tree Hill, about the year 1750.

One of that sect, Samuel Wyly, in 1759 conveyed four acres of land for a period of 999 years, and for a rental of "one pepper corn per year" to the Quakers for their house of worship and buying ground. Several Quakers are buried here and are identified by the long brick arched graves with no headstone.

The cemetery has grown from the four acres to its present day size of approximately 50 acres. This was accomplished through gifts, purchases and deeded property. In 1874 the town of Camden deeded the acreage, which was their property, to the Quaker Cemetery Association.

The Association consists of nine board members elected by the Association members plus a full time Executive Director who manages the operation of the cemetery. There are 2 full-time maintenance workers.

The cemetery is rich in history. There are physicians, ministers, early Quakers, prominent merchants, men of foreign birth, men of northern birth, and veterans of all wars since the American Revolution.

In 1815 the property known as the Old Presbyterian Cemetery was deeded to the Quaker Cemetery; it now has a few old Camden family graves plus the Revolutionary War Site.

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